Expired domain and off-topic posts

By | July 13, 2005

This has been an interesting couple of days for all of my blogs. Unbeknownst to me, my main domain (biffster.org) expired yesterday. Warning emails were going to a non-existent email account, so this caught me totally by surprise. I tried to post a blog entry, and was baffled and horrified when I saw the search page and “This domain has expired!”

Fortunately, I think that I have the domain problem sorted out. And I have my domain set to auto-renew in the future, so this should not happen again.

Also, due to Blogger screwiness, an entry regarding Scott McClellan ended up on my Computer blog instead of my Point Of View blog. Don’t ask me how that happened! But I have since discovered the problem and put the post where it should be. I liked it so much, though, that I had to leave it on the Computer blog, too. [grin]

Anyway, hopefully things will be back to normal around here now!

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