Dobson alienating Republicans now?

By | May 27, 2005

Well, James Dobson once had the Republican party under his control. But we are starting to see the relationship deteriorate. Dobson cannot handle anyone daring to defy his will. Case in point: Dobson’s attack on Trent Lott, and Lott’s response: “‘James Dobson: Who does he think he is, questioning my conservative credentials? […] Some of his language and conduct is quite un-Christian, and I don’t appreciate it,’ the senator said.”

Fortunately, between Lott siding with the compromise which avoided the filibuster, John Bolton’s confirmation hearings being delayed until at least June, and the House passing the embryonic stem cell bill, there’s a lot going on to keep Dobson furious. Eventually, he’s gonna self-destruct and lose the last bits of control that he has. Either that, or he’s going to take the Republican party down the tubes. That’s a win-win scenario in my book!

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