A little bit of justice?

By | May 16, 2005

Well, sorta. The North Carolina pastor who forced people out of his church because they voted for John Kerry has resigned. “The Rev. Chan Chandler, 33, walked out of the church he had led for three years Tuesday night after delivering a brief statement of resignation.”

Unfortunately, Chandler didn’t do much to assuage the bad feelings generated in his church, nor the schism created between older members of the church (who don’t agree with getting the church stuck into politics) and younger members (who apparently believe Chandler’s assertation that all Kerry voters are spawn of the Devil). Chandler’s resignation statement seemed to dwell more on him than on the people he was leaving behind: “‘For me to remain now would only cause more hurt for me and my family,’ Chandler said. ‘I am resigning with gratitude in my heart for all of you, particularly those of you who love me and my family.'”

Chandler should be happy, though, because the hatred that he preached caught on with at least some of his younger parisoners: “‘I’m not going to serve with the ungodly,’ an angry Misty Turner declared.”

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