We don’ need no stinkin’ free speech…

By | March 29, 2005

Absolutely incredible… three local people were thrown out of Bush’s visit to Denver because of a bumpersticker on their car. The three had valid tickets, which were given to them by Republican US Representative Bob Beauprez. The group hadn’t done anything disruptive. They didn’t really have a chance, as they were tossed before the presidential appearance started.

“‘They hadn’t done anything wrong. They weren’t dressed inappropriately, they didn’t say anything inappropriate,’ [First Amendment attorney Dan] Recht said. ‘They were kicked out of this venue and not allowed to hear what the president had to say based solely on this political bumper sticker.

“‘The very essence of the First Amendment is that you can’t be punished for the speech you make, the statements you make,’ Recht said, adding the group is mulling filing a lawsuit.”

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