FactCheck.org Bush Ad Twists Kerry’s Words on Iraq

By | September 28, 2004

Interesting article on the mostly non-partisan FactCheck.org which rebuts the claims of the latest anti-Kerry ad from the Bush campaign. Basically, Bush’s ad completely takes Kerry’s statements out of context, and uses this to try to prove that Kerry has flip-flopped on the issues. When read or heard in-context, it is clear that Kerry has been consistent all along.

For example, the ad puts an out-of-context quote where Kerry says that “‘The winning of the war was brilliant.” The full quote is:

Well, it’s going to take some time to stop it, Chris, but we have an enormous amount of cooperation to build one other countries. I think the administration is not done enough of the hard work of diplomacy, reaching out to nations, building the kind of support network.

I think they clearly have dropped the ball with respect to the first month in the after — winning the war. That winning of the war was brilliant and superb, and we all applaud our troops for doing what they did, but you’ve got to have the capacity to provide law and order on the streets and to provide the fundamentally services, and I believe American troops will be safer and America will pay less money if we have a broader coalition involved in that, including the United Nations.

Bush’s campaign apparently has no problem distorting the truth to stay in office. Is this really the type of person we want as president?

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