Bad Governor, no treats for you

By | September 27, 2004

Okay, let me see if I have the timeline for installation of a new computer system in Colorado which has resulted in hundreds of needing people not receiving food stamps and pension checks correct:

First: Governor Owens approves purchase and installation of the new system from EDS (which gave EDS millions of dollars in sales and services).

Second: Officials from all 64 counties in Colorado asked Governor Owens to delay implementation of the computer system until all the bugs were worked out.

Third: Governor Owens says, “No, that’s okay, let’s just implement the new system now.

Fourth: The new system goes online, and immediately has problems. Hundreds of people stop receiving pension checks and/or food stamps. The backlog grows to the point where it will take well over six months to correct. Some people may lose their houses and go hungry because of this!

Fifth: Governor Owens says, “oops, it is EDS’s fault! They’re the ones to get mad at!”

Sixth: Counties start suing the state governement to try to get the old system put back into place.

Maybe next time Governor Owens should listen to people who know what the hell they are doing instead of trying to get state money into private business’s hands?

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