Wrestlemania XX Thoughts

By | March 15, 2004

I’m still a big wrestling fan, even though I don’t get time to watch any more. No matter what, there’s one pay per view (PPV) that I will not miss: Wrestlemania. Usually, Wrestlemania turns out to be the biggest event of the year. It’s always a good PPV, and sometimes it makes for an incredible night.

This year’s Wrestlemania was an uneven show. There were some great matches, and the last 90 minutes of the show was simply fantastic. The first 3+ hours were not so fantastic. All in all, I’d say the show gets an “eh…”

I won’t go into a deep analysis here, like i would’ve in previous years. I’ll just give the highlights:

* Watching Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit celebrating to end the show was simply fantastic. It was a great way to end the show. Eddie and Chris have been my favorite wrestlers since their ECW days. It was great to see them at the top of the mountain. Nothing will ever be cooler than seeing Eddie with the WWE Championship and Chris with the World Championship.

* Eddie had a great match against Kurt Angle. This one was played perfectly. I had no idea who would win, and I definitely didn’t see the finish coming. Great storytelling, and Eddie continues to play the lyin’, cheatin’, stealin’ role to perfection.

* Molly getting shaved was also unexpected. But she still is incredibly hot, even bald.

* Both of the tag team matches sucked ass.

* What’s up with giving the cruiserweights so little time? That match should’ve been booked for at least triple the amount of time that they wanted. Why can the WWE not figure out how to use cruiserweights?

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