Taking a stand for marriage equality

By | February 27, 2004

New Paltz mayor Jason West (Green Party) is taking a major stand for marriage equality. He has announced that he will marry four same-sex couples over the weekend, calling it his “‘moral obligation.'”

West is stepping out on a limb as he takes this stand. Officials who are taking the (correct) step and allowing same-sex couples to marry are under strong fire from conservative groups who are dead set against allowing homosexuals to marry. West has a great quote – I must share it here – about those against gay marriage: “‘The people who would forbid gays from marrying in this country are those who would have made Rosa Parks sit in the back of the bus.'”

That’s a very strong statement, but it is also correct. The difference is that people feel they don’t have to worry about discriminating against someone who is the same color as they are. People who would never discriminate based on race have no moral problems discriminating based on sexual orientation. Many are proud of it, calling themselves righteous to do so. This is discrimination based on religion. And it is sickening.

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