Disagree with Bush, get labelled a terrorist

By | February 25, 2004

It looks like more groups than just anti-war groups are open targets for the Bush administration as the election draws nearer. “Education Secretary Rod Paige called the nation’s largest teachers union a ‘terrorist organization’ Monday…” Paige supposedly apologized, saying “‘a bad joke; it was an inappropriate choice of words.'” But then Paige went on to try and excuse his comments, saying “he was referring to the Washington-based union organization, not the teachers it represents.”

National Education Association president Reg Weaver was rightly offended, and fired back with, “‘We are the teachers, there is no distinction.'”

Pressed again to see if he was truly apologizing, Paige said, “‘Well, I’m saying that I’m sorry I said it, yeah.'” Ummm… that doesn’t exactly sound sincere to me.

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