Religious fanatic pilot scares passengers

By | February 9, 2004

I don’t think I want any religious fanatic – regardless of religion – flying an airplane. Sometimes one doesn’t get a choice, though. As reported just about everywhere, an American Airlines pilot suggested that non-Christians are crazy and should discuss Christianity with the faithful during a flight from Los Angeles to New York. The pilot first asked Christians to identify themselves by raising their hands.

Apparently, the pilot had just come back from a mission trip in Costa Rica and was feeling very fanatical about his rejjuvenated faith. Apparently, the unnamed pilot felt like he was doing passengers a favor by “saving” them.

What he actually did was scare the hell out of a lot of the passengers. “[A passenger] said she and several others aboard were so worried they tried to call relatives on their cell phones before flight attendants assured them they were safe….”

American Airlines is not releasing the pilots name, nor are they saying whether or not the pilot will be reprimanded for his actions.

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