Is the Dean campaign over?

By | February 5, 2004

It looks like Howard Dean might be the next Democrat to drop out of the race, following Joe Lieberman and Dick Gephardt. Dean is on record as saying that, if he doesn’t win in Wisconsin on Tuesday, he’ll be out of the race for the nomination.

I still don’t know how he got to this point. Right up until the Iowa caucus, Dean was the front runner. He had funding, endorsements and a supposed groundswell of support that would sweep him to the Democratic nomination. Two weeks later, his campaign is almost out of money and he hasn’t won a single primary.

Dean’s campaign will be talked about a lot through history: the first campaign to harness the power of the Internet, the first campaign to burn through $40 million without winning anything to show for it. But what Dean should be remembered for is bringing the Democratic party back to where it should be – left of the center. As Dean himself said, “‘It was me that started the backbone transplant for the Democratic Party,’ he told reporters on his campaign plane. ‘Now we see the other candidates adopting the message.'”

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