Sex scandals at CU

By | February 2, 2004

The University of Colorado’s sex scandal continues to build momentum this week. After the shocking accusation that CU lures football prospects with sex parties, this story exploded here in Colorado. As expected, CU head coach Rick Barnett denied all charges. For some strange reason, Colorado governor Bill Owens jumped into the fray, saying thta he would take action if the university did not.

Apparently, CU took Governor Owens at face value. The university is starting an independent commission to investigate the charges. It’ll be interesting to see what the commission finds. Some CU students are already voicing worries that the charges are true. Graduate student Jocelyn Brown said, “‘I really believe it is happening here and across the country, and I think it’s coming from higher up than football players.'”

I am guessing that a whole lot of people are about to lose their jobs at CU. Hopefully, some of the alleged rapists can be charged and convicted for their actions, too.

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