Missing weapons of mass destruction fallout

By | February 2, 2004

I am trying to decide which of two possible scenarios is the scarier: that President Bush used the threat of weapons of mass destruction (WoMD) as an excuse to attack Iraq, or that President Bush was fooled into attacking Iraq because of bad intelligence.

The war on Iraq appears to have been caused by one of these two scenarios. President Bush has agreed to allow a probe to investigate the lack of Iraqi WoMDs. It is obviously Bush’s defense that he was misled by intelligence. And apparently former Chief Weapons Inspector David Kay agrees. “Kay said the intelligence community owes the president an explanation, rather than Bush owing an explanation to the American people.”

I have two problems with the idea that the president was misled: First of all, shouldn’t the president be verifying all information from multiple sources? Especially if it is information that gets our country into a war? The other problem I have is that this argument is still shifting blame off the president. Harry Truman proudly displayed a plaque stating, “the buck stops here” on his desk. Yet Bush seems more than willing to push the buck off to anyone in the world but himself.

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