Christian Wrestling Federation

By | January 29, 2004

Okay, I could not pass this up. It is simply too bizzare not to mention. Apparently, someone somewhere decided the perfect pulpit to use to convert people to Christianity is Pro Wrestling. And hence, we have the Christian Wrestling Federation.

I thought this was a joke, but apparently it is legit. The CWF has had “OVER 140 SHOWS IN 3 YEARS……………. 3400 PEOPLE GIVING THEIR LIVES TO CHRIST AT THESE EVENTS……. GOD HAS BLESSED OUR TEAM…” The CWF appears to mostly feature indie-level wrestlers, though they do list NWA-TNA’s AJ Styles as one of their wrestlers.

I want to know how the storylines in the shows work. Do the heels cut promos against God? For a face turn, does one of the bad guys get born again? Instead of a run-in, is someone Saved in the ring?

I wonder if Deacon knows about this place? I think he’d fit in perfectly!

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