Colorado bill requiring emergency contraception information

By | January 28, 2004

Colorado is a very conservative state, and we have a very conservative legislature to represent this. It is not unusual to hear about bills in Colorado that would mandate, for example, increased executions for death row prisoners. So I was very surprised to find out that the Colorado legislature is passing a bill that requires hospitals inform rape victims about emergency contraception. The bill sounds very level-headed: if a hospital worker is morally against emergency contraception, that work can ask a fellow employee to give this information to the rape victim.

Even more surprising than this decidedly-not-conservative bill is that a couple of Republican legislators are supporting the bill. The Republican legislators in this state tend to stick together stronger than magnets. But this bill is seeing bi-partisan support.

Personally, I think this bill should be law. If a woman has just been raped, she should know that there’s another option besides abortion or having a baby conceived via rape.

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