Bill Would Make Passengers Responsible For Reporting Car Crashes

By | January 26, 2004

This is interesting, mainly because I didn’t know it wasn’t already a law. Colorado legistlators are due to vote on a bill that would legally require a passenger report an accident that causes injuries. This proposed law complements an existing Colorado law which requires drivers in an accident to report the accident.

The bill is prompted by a 2001 incident in which a 16-year old boy left 15-year-old Mallory Funaro pinned underneath a pickup truck after Mallory flipped the truck in the middle of a cornfield. The boy talked to Mallory, but then fled the scene of the accident and did not call for help (he went as far as denying that he was a passenger in the truck).

Mallory’s family members were surprised to find out that the boy had not done anything illegal. He did not have to report the accident. Family members are outraged; they believe that Mallory might’ve survived the accident if he had called for help. Colorado legislators are hoping that this proposed law will prevent similar incidents in the future.

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