Liberal college professors – curiouser and curiouser

By | January 21, 2004

Okay, things are getting very strange here in Colorado. Last week, there was the report that Colorado legislators are trying to pass a resolution condemning diversity training and the liberal bias on Colorado college campuses. Now there’s a report of a web site launched to solicit and consolidate complaints about liberal professors. The website was launched by the College Republicans at CU, a group of conservative republican students.

Those across the hall don’t agree with this, of course. Travis Leiker – president of the College Democrats at CU – had a great quote: “‘I think the conservative students who feel there is a bias are more afraid of hearing points of view different from their own,’ he said.”

Between the proposed comdemnation of diversity training and the new pseudo-black list website, it would appear that conservatives are waging a war against liberal thought on Colorado college campuses. Aren’t all opinions and viewpoints supposed to be welcomed on college campuses?

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