Environmental “Protection” Agency

By | January 16, 2004

One of the worst things the Bush administration has done over the past three years is the deconstruction of the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has gone from defending the environment to actively participating in the destruction of our environment. Things got bad enough that Christie Todd Whitman – not the world’s most ardent environmentalist – resigned as head of the EPA due to the administration’s contempt for the environment.

An article on Wired shows just how far the EPA has sunk. The EPA is prepared to accept new guidelines created by a pesticide and chemical company organization. There are some truly scary changes being suggested: “The draft recommends… not allowing the EPA to act until it has conclusive proof that an agent harms a species. Also, if a chemical doesn’t directly kill a species but only harms its ability to survive, the EPA would not act, according to documents obtained by Earthjustice.”

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