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By | January 15, 2004

You might’ve noticed the new tools that I’ve set up on the side bar. I wanted to add these in as inconspicuously as possible, but I also want to explain to my loyal readers what they are and why they are there. Starting from the top of the Tools section:

RSS Feed: Use this link if you want to add my journal entries to your news aggregator (ie AmphetaDesk, NewsDesk, TinderBox) or your website. This links to a standard RSS-compatible XML document. If you don’t know what that means, you don’t need to follow the link. 😀

Get updates via email: If you’d prefer to receive blog updates via email, then click on this link to join our new email list. You will receive every new blog entry emailed to you the minute it is posted to this website. And fear not: I will never send you spam nor sell your email address.

Make a Donation: I have to pay money to keep this website up and going. If you’d like to donate a buck or two to help defray some of these costs, click on this button. PayPal accepts donations, no matter how small. Send me a buck and I’ll forever appreciate your support.

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