Shouldn’t teachers be allowed to teach?

By | September 15, 2003

I find this story bizzare and kinda scary. An 8th grade teacher in Aurora was put on leave because he showed his students footage from the September 11th attacks. The teacher, Jason Ritter, is a social studies teacher. I think that the September 11th attacks fall firmly under the heading of “history,” which, the last time I looked, falls under the realm of social studies.

The September 11th attack is one of the most important historical events in the history of our country. But, apparently, that doesn’t mean that 8th grade students in the Cherry Creek School District can be taught about it. The story points out that the teacher “didn’t get permission from parents or administrators first.” I wonder if Ritter has to get his daily lessons approved before he can give them?

I think that whatever parent or group of parents prompted this action against Ritter really need to understand the way that education works. Studying the attacks is very important. The attacks are now a major part of our culture. I think Ritter should be commended for doing a good job, not be investigated for this.

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