– Travel Getaways – Government, Airlines Plan Color Coding For Air Travelers

By | September 9, 2003

I’m not sure what scares me more about CAPPSII, thegovernment’s plan to “color code” all airline passengers. On one hand, you have this amazing invasion of privacy. On another hand, you have a willingness of consumers to allow this (only 30% of respondents feel that CAPPS II is an invasion of privacy). On yet another hand, you have the government getting to set the criteria for who gets coded Green and gets to hop on an airplane with minimal scrutiny, and who gets coded Red and probably gets arrested.

And dammit, this is a scary statement, too: “The TSA said that for most passengers, the information collected will be deleted soon after the trip is safely completed. For people deemed to be a high risk, the length of time the information will be kept is still under consideration.”

Anyone know what it takes to become a Canadian citizen? How’s the job market up there?

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