The good of the many, or the good of the few?

By | June 26, 2003

Very interesting article in the Denver Post about Denver Councilwoman Cathy Reynolds. Councilwoman Reynolds is a long-time councilwoman and long-time smoker. She smokes in her office, even though her office is in a public building where smoking is banned. (Her excuse: since she is part of the city council, she does not have to obey ordinances created by the Mayor.) She has a history of backing tobacco companies. And she was instrumental in blocking a public vote on a smoking ban in the City of Denver.

Banning smoking is good for everyone, except for those who cannot control their tobacco addiction. Ms. Reynolds obviously falls into the latter category. Unfortunately, she appears determined to make sure that everyone else must suffer for the good of her. Perhaps it is time that Councilwoman Reynolds re-evaluates her priorities?

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