Microsoft using SCO to try to kill Linux?

By | May 20, 2003

Bruce Perens sums up this whole SCO/Microsoft conspiracy to kill Linux on ZDNet. Perens is obviously not objective on this issue. Perens is one of the most famous voices from the Open Source community. However, the points that he makes are very valid. And Microsoft’s role in this whole issue is so obvious that even an M$ support has to be able to see M$’s motive.

Perens’s points cannot be denied. SCO is going to lose this case if it ever goes to trial. They don’t have a valid claim for Trade Secrets on the UNIX source code, since the UNIX source code has not been a secret for years. Their patents aren’t a factor for Linux. And SCO used to distribute its own version of Linux. It can be argued that anything copied between the UNIX source code and the Linux source code happened at SCO!

SCO’s lawsuit is frivolous, and Microsoft’s agreement to purchase SCO’s license reveals a conspiracy. I truly believe that Microsoft is the main factor behind SCO’s lawsuit. They convinced SCO (perhaps with an offer of a buyout?) as a way to try to eliminate the threat that Linux poses to M$.

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