The loss of freedom in America…

By | April 8, 2003

Two different articles on Wired, one regarding the loss of Due Process, the other regarding an Intel employee being held in prison as a “material witness” both have me further concerned about the direction that our country is heading. Suddenly, it is perfectly okay to hold people in prison without a trial, or to subject them to embarrassing, time-consuming searches in airports, all based on their ethnicity.

How can anyone think this is right? How can the government specifically discriminating against people based on their race be okay? What kind of Bizzaro world is this turning in to? We are no longer the Land of the Free. We are the Land of the Scared, and our government is taking full advantage of this to take more and more of our rights away in the name of security.

Oh, but fortunately our government is able to protect us from truly dangerous criminals.

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