More Total Information Awareness…

By | April 4, 2003

More about Total Information Awareness. This is another article from Wired. The article discusses comments made by Heather MacDonald, a lawyer who is also a staunch supporter of TIA. Ms. MacDonald went on record saying that those who are worried about TIA are just yelling “hysterical cries” and are displaying a “luddite mentality.”

Now mind you, Ms. MacDonald made these comments at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference. This conference is attended by a large number of very technical people. Luddites? I think not. Apparently, Ms. MacDonald is taking a page straight from our current administrations playbook. However, instead of labelling privacy advocates unpatriotic because of their opposal to TIA, she is instead calling them Luddites.

Ms. MacDonald, I hope you don’t believe that your name calling is going to make anyone change their mind about TIA. It is glaringly obvious that TIA is an attempt to destroy personal privacy and allow the government unprecedented powers to track citizens. This is evil, no matter how you slice it.

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