By | March 9, 2002

Talk about something that really burns my ass…. This article discusses a group of Republican politicans and conservative physicians upset because the Centers for Disease Control links to a website which discusses safe sex. Apparently, these people think the only thing that the CDC should be discussing on sites that teens might see is abstinence.

Apparently, this group of people believes that, if kids are not told about safe sex, then the kids won’t want to have sex. This baffles me; do they really think that a lot of teens don’t want to have sex? Do they really believe that forcing the CDC to drop the link to will keep teens from having sex? The idea is laughable.

These ultra-conservative groups need to face reality. Teens will have sex. Teens have been having sex for centuries; nothing has occurred that will change that from happening today. All that these groups are doing is preventing teens from getting good information about safe sex.

These conservative groups won’t succeed in reducing teen sex. They just may lead to increasing the number of teens with STDs, and teen pregnancy rates, though.

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