By | August 8, 2001

I am sure that everyone has heard of Code Red, the internet worm that has been working its way through the internet over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the media has picked up on this story, and has tried their best to make Code Red seem like the Most Dangerous Virus Ever. Of course, it is not, but that won’t stop the media from making it seem like it is.

This story is about a similar incident that happened almost 10 years ago. At that time, it was the Michelangelo virus that was making headlines. The media blew the story completely out of proportion, claiming that 10-15 million computers were probably infected. In the end, only about 6,000 computers world-wide were effected. The media immediately dropped the story and moved on to the next Big Thing.

The moral to this story is that one should never, ever give too much credibility to the media when they report virus-related stories. Check with more reliable sources first.

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