By | July 24, 2001

A lot of updates for today. I’ve been away for longer than I realized! [Grin] Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently:

Stories of dot-com crashes from actual employees. True, some of these first-hand accounts are probably exaggerated by bitter former-employees, but these are still fascinating accounts of the cyber-culture which is rapidly going the way of the dodo.

Classic video games! This website is a great way to spend a few hours. For some unknown reason, the author is reviewing really old video games, including games for the Atari 2600! Those of us who grew up around the time of the 2600 will undoubtedly fondly remember these games. This site is a must-see!

The Colorado Green Party home page. I am a firm believer in the Green Party and all the principles that this party embodies. As “President” Bush tries to run our country into the sewer (and start a nuclear war while he is at it), it is more and more obvious how important it is that the Green Party start becoming a major force in local and national politics.

More to come later!

– Miguelito

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