Microsoft has started suing poor school districts

By | July 10, 2001
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As you probably know, I am not a Microsoft fan. I believe that M$ is actually evil; the company doesn’t care about their customers, doesn’t care about “innovation,” doesn’t care about the computer industry. All Microsoft cares about is controlling absolutely everything there is to do with computing. It doesn’t matter to them that there are superior products on the market; Microsoft just wants to make sure that everyone gives M$ money.

I thought that I couldn’t understimate M$, but I was obviously wrong. In a move that surprises even me, Microsoft has started suing poor school districts for illegal copies of Microsoft software.

Microsoft has no sympathy for the fact that these are school districts that are already under-funded. These school districts don’t have enough money to pay their teachers, yet Microsoft is not willing to offer either low-cost or free packages of their software. Instead, Microsoft is forcing these cash-strapped school districts to start costly Software Audits to try and find illegal copies of their software.

Obviously, in Microsoft’s world, Profit is much more important than educating our children.

It is actions like this that, to my eye, prove that M$ is EVIL!

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