By | May 17, 2001

This just in: Bush wants to give tax money to oil companies!

In the latest of a large number of unbelievable domestic policies, President Bush will soon unveil his Energy policy. Basically, he will recommend building a lot of new electic plants around the nation, expanding Eminent Domain to take ownership of private propery to lay power lines and build power plants, and tearing up national forests (especially in Alaska) for oil companies to drill for more oil.

All of these were, unfortunately, expected. These are exactly the kind of abuses that people feared Bush was capable of. Bush obviously cares nothing for the environment, nor for what average citizens of this country want. Bush only wants to line the pockets of oil company pockets.

What was surprising, however, was Bush’s response to the rising cost of gasoline and energy. Instead of promising to try to find ways to lower prices, Bush stated that he wants people to use the money they will get from tax cuts to pay for the higher prices of gas and electricity! Seriously! I couldn’t make up something as completely ridiculous and audacious as this. To quote the Salon article which was quoting Bush:

“What I say is, I worry about the fact that hardworking people are paying high prices at the pump. It concerns me a lot. And therefore, the Congress needs to cut taxes as quickly as possible to give people money to be able to deal with this situation.”

I think we now know why Bush has been pressing so hard to have a tax cut approved. This creates a win/win situation for the oil companies. They benefit from the tax cuts, and then they get to enjoy the extra money that everyone else has to pay at the gas pumps. Those who get shafted, of course, are the working people. People in the lower and middle-lower classes who most needed a break from taxes are basically getting hosed; any money they receive from the tax cuts (and they receive the smallest amount of money from the tax cuts) will go straight towards paying for more expensive gas and electricity.

I am really having to re-assess what I believed back around the time of the elections. At the time, I didn’t see much of a difference between George W. and Al Gore. Now, however, the distinctions are becoming clearing. I still don’t agree with a lot of Gore’s political beliefs, but at least he isn’t Evil. George W. is proving, more and more as each day passes, that he is EVIL. He has no concern for the common man, for the environment, or for our future generations. He is Very Scary, and Not a Very Nice Person.

Somebody, please, find a way to get Clinton back into office!

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