One of the most touching songs that I’ve ever heard is by Christian country artist Gary Chapman (the former Mr. Amy Grant). The song’s title is “Sweet Jesus”. Though it can be construed as a Christian song, it is really more the tragic story of a bridge that collapsed during a flood. A man in his 80s saw this happen, and dived into the river to see if he could help anyone. He came across a mother struggling to save her baby. He took the baby and swam for the shore. The mother drowned, the old man made the shore but died not long afterwards.

The lyrics are touching and almost heartbreaking. Describing the old man, Chapman (who wrote the song) sings, “He took the child/then he was swimming/like he was 20/he made shoreline/and then he died.” As the man that the baby boy became, Chapman sings “I miss my mother and that brave old man/though I didn’t know them/They are the soul in the man I am…”

It is an incredible song that most of the public hasn’t heard. But you should hear this song. Follow this link to buy Chapman’s Into the Light CD, or do a search for the song on Napster.

Why don’t soap companies put bars of soap in water-proof containers? It’s not like they don’t know that soap is going to be used in an environment where their product will be exposed to water. The whole idea of soap is that it’ll be used near water.

It seems logical that soap would come in a waterproof container. I mean, shampoo does. Conditioner does. Toothpaste comes in a waterproof container! So do most toothbrushes, for that matter. How much extra expense would it be for a soap company to package each bar of soap in a thin plastic box instead of the turn-to-mush-instantly-on-contact-with-water cardboard boxes that soap companies like to use?

I really need to get a computer for my car! On my drive to work this morning (and most mornings), I thought of a hundred different things to write. I thought of subjects for articles for the various websites I write for (, ThemeStream,, I thought of a bunch of entries I could make in this Blog, a bunch of new posts I could put up on The Well (web-based community). But the second I get to work, all of my ideas dry up, rarely to be seen again.

I wonder just how many wonderful ideas I do lose because of this.

It will soon be time to go home. I will then be doing another pro wrestling recap (keep an eye out on CRZ Slash Wrestling for that recap. Weather in Boulder, Colorado has been cold and dark and wet. Perfect Colorado October weather!

I cannot tell you how annoyed I am becoming with people who say things like, “You know, a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.” It is infuriating, insulting, and annoying to hear that over and over again. The fact of the matter is that I wouldn’t vote for Gore, even if there wasn’t a Nader. So how is casting my vote for Nader taking a vote away from Gore?

I think this shows just how firmly people are wedded to the two-party system here in America. People have been told for so long that there are only two choices, Dem and Repub, that everyone now believes it. And worse, people actually try to DEFEND that position. Supporting a third party seems unDemocratic to a lot of people. To others, supporting a third party seems like something foolish that people should be talked out of. Conform! That is what people want third-party supporters to do. Conform!

But the US wasn’t built on conformity. Democracy thrives on non-conformity. The best thing for this nation, and for democracy, is to have more than two major parties. Give people real choices, with parties and candidates who hold truly different philosophies. Let the people choose what is the best. Don’t force-feed us two candidates who are really just two sides of the same coin. Some of us would like a different coin, or a different object all together. Give us that choice, realistically. That’s all that we want.

It’s raining here! Maybe it soon will snow. I absolutely love the cold, snowy weather. I don’t especially like to drive in this weather, but I do love the way it transforms the way everything looks. The cold, harsh angles of buildings are softened and rounded. The impersonal gray of roads is transformed into a wonderfully clear white. The sky-distorting power and phone lines become magical lines of ice. It’s a wonderful transformation!

Have you ever wanted to see what other people search for on the Internet? Excite now lets us now! Go to You don’t get to see who is searching for what, but you do get a relatively-real time list of the last 10 or so searches on Excite’s search engine. Very, very cool!

If there were no Pooh, could anyone really be happy?