This article, titled Looking for Madam Tetrachromat, reminded me of an exercise that I went through in an Introduction to Philosophy class that I once took. In that exercise, we had to prove or disprove the philosophy that reality is what our senses tell us it is. Something is only real once we see it,… Read More »

There’s a lot of interesting things on the net today! 🙂 Here is a web-based word processor – sorta. It actually seems to be an artists attempt at showing what his ideal word processor would be. I quite like his project, and enjoy the opportunity to write my thoughts on a bunch of different objects,… Read More »

I find both humor and hope in this article about Microsoft’s appeal. Microsoft has taken an interesting approach to this case: contempt. They are not trying to hide their contempt for Judge Jackson or Jackson’s ruling. They are going after both his Findings of Fact and his Remedy. Interesting strategy. I don’t think it’ll work,… Read More »

I found this a very interesting URL. It is a link to YouCANN!, an information page about alternate DNS heirarchies. There is more than just .org, .com and .net out there. This site helps you get there.

Every now and then I come across a website that makes me laugh at its self-righteousness, idiocy and paranioa. I didn’t think that a site titled Take the Contemporary Christian Music Test would meet all of these criteria, but somehow, it did! (And it is a pretty crappy page, to boot.)

eBooks are definitely in our future. Everyone who has watched an episode of Star Trek knows this. We are destined to carry books around on paperback-sized book readers. Until these become ubiquitous, however, it is far more likely that we’ll read books on our computers online. A really cool site to try this is Bookface.… Read More »

Readers of my weight journal will know that I have sleep apnea. This is something which I have had all of my life, but I just had it diagnosed last year. A thought occurred to me just yesterday: if I had had my sleep apnea corrected while I was in college, would I have a… Read More »

I had an absolutely bizzare and chilling nightmare the other night. It was enough to wake me up out of a solid, deep sleep. It started out as my normal tornado dream. I am in a mountain town somewhere (probably my hometown of Trinidad, CO, but I don’t know for sure), and suddenly, from out… Read More »

Very interesting…. I just watched Stigmata last night, where I first heard about The Gospel of Thomas. I tend not to keep up with happenings in the religious realm, and had not heard of it. After doing a little research on the web, and reading various translations of what the Gospel of Thomas contained, I… Read More »

One of the most touching songs that I’ve ever heard is by Christian country artist Gary Chapman (the former Mr. Amy Grant). The song’s title is “Sweet Jesus”. Though it can be construed as a Christian song, it is really more the tragic story of a bridge that collapsed during a flood. A man in… Read More »