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Todoist + Your Calendar – Todoist Help

I had no idea this existed, now I cannot live without it! Todoist can integrate two-way sync with Google Calendar! My one gripe with Todoist is that it couldn’t sync with Google Calendar, and my one gripe with aCalendar+ was that it could only sync with Google Tasks. This left me with no other option… Read More »

Fix for “gpg-agent is not available” message

I have to save this because I forget about this every single time I build a new install, and can’t figure out why I keep getting “gpg-agent is not available in this session”. The components come from different packages (gnupg2-2.1.7-1.fc22.x86_64 and gnupg-1.4.19-2.fc22.x86_64 in my case). The solution is to use the gpg2 command instead of gpg… Read More »

House approves flag burning amendment

I’m late writing about the proposed flag-burning amendment. This is mostly because I cannot believe that an amendment was re-introduced. I thought that we had already dealt with this issue last decade! Burning the flag is a despicable act, but it is also constitutionally-protected free speech. Banning this act would be restricting our First Amendment… Read More »

Pentagon is criticized over Iraq billing

Well, I’ll be damned. It looks like someone has finally realized that there might be something fishy about Halliburton’s no-bid contract in Iraq. Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Congress berated the Pentagon for withholding information about Halliburton’s disputed billing under a $2.5 billion contract for Iraqi oil site repairs and fuel imports. Saying the… Read More »

House Votes to Limit Patriot Act

Mark this in the 75% good, 25% bad column: the House of Representatives voted to limit parts of the Patriot Act. In a slap at President Bush, lawmakers voted Wednesday to block the Justice Department and the FBI from using the Patriot Act to peek at library records and bookstore sales slips. Despite a veto… Read More »