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What you SHOULD say to people dealing with any of these

Anxiety: This too shall pass, even if that sounds corny and cliche. Your anxiety will subside, you are not dying, you will not die from this, everything is going to be fine. Keep taking deep breaths, try and stay focused. Depression: You are valid and your emotions are valid. You are a good, strong person,… Read More »

georgetakei: Death flies upon clumsy, awkward wings. I can so see myself sending this kinda txt. I am evil!

Photos: Missy Franklin Swims For Regis vs Highlands Ranch

Photos: Missy Franklin Swims For Regis vs Highlands Ranch So imagine you’re a high school girl, you’re about to do your race at a swim meet, you look to your right and see that your oppenent is gold-medal winner Missy Franklin. Wouldn’t the phrase “give me a f**ing break!” spring to mind?

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” – Mark Twain


Cracked Yeah, yeah, I know that everyone and their brother knows Cracked. I just started reading on a regular basis since December, and I am now addicted. Enough that the Cracked app for my Android phone is one of the first I pull up every morning.