Shooting On I-25 Sends Woman, Baby To Hospital

By | January 26, 2004

I find this story extremely bizzare. Apparently, a woman was driving on I-25 and someone shot her car. The bizzare part is that the woman apparently did not know that her car had been shot! “The driver pulled over along I-25 near 48th Avenue and discovered that her silver Honda Civic hatchback was bullet-riddled. Her back window was shattered but intact and there were a couple of bullet holes in the driver’s window.”

Now I admit that I’ve never been shot at, but I am pretty sure I would notice something happened if either my vehicle’s back windshield shattered or if a hole was suddenly blown into the window I am sitting next to. If nothing else, the sound of air coming in through the new holes would’ve alerted me.

I’m going to keep an eye out for updates to this story. There’s obviously a lot that hasn’t been told yet.

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