– News – 14-Year-Old Girl Found Safe; Alleged Abductor Sought

Now that Misty Gallegos has been found and is safe, and the Amber alert has been cancelled, I would think that more attention would be paid to the fact that 26-year-old Armando Jorge Perez-Vera is Misty’s former boyfriend. I mean, do the math here. 26. 14. Something is wrong with this picture.

Update to this story, 13 years later: I received a comment from Misty (below) saying that the man mentioned in the article was not her boyfriend, I have updated this entry to reflect that. Misty’s comment is below.

3 thoughts on “ – News – 14-Year-Old Girl Found Safe; Alleged Abductor Sought

    1. Misty, I apologize! I barely remember posting this it was so long ago – 13 years plus a couple months to be exact. The news report at the time said that the two of you had been in a relationship, which prompted my blog entry. I have edited this entry, and I apologize again for passing along false information from the news story.

      1. Thank you for fixing this! I’m sorry I blew this out of proportion but I feel like this was Accra from the beginning!

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